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BLENDER NEWS - February 18, 2021
"Tough times never last, but tough people do!Robert Schuller
                                     Healthy Heart and Cancer Awareness Month
Good Evening!
We have some wonderful information for you about how to utilize not only our products here at World Juice Bar but some tips for your health choices when it comes to a healthy heart and deactivating growth of cancer cells.
According to WebMD strawberries and raspberries have a phytochemical called ellagic acid. This powerful antioxidant may actually fight cancer in several ways at once, including deactivating certain cancer causing substances and slowing the growth of cancer cells. You can find these fresh fruits in many of our drinks, such as bobas, smoothies and cold press juices for which you can purchase juices in a six pack to go and make it easier to intake healthier treats from home longer. We also serve tea and coffee. Ingredients in tea and coffee may protect against a variety of cancers. The antioxidants in coffee seem to be especially effective against endometrial cancer. And green tea seems protective against prostate cancer. Tea is also full of heart-healthy compounds that help fight inflammation and cell damage. Black and green tea are associated with a lower risk of heart attack and stroke, and short-term studies suggest it's good for your blood vessel health. Here are seven powerful ways you can strengthen your heart. Start by get moving. Your heart is a muscle and, as with any muscle, exercise is what strengthens it. Quit smoking, quitting is a tough one. Lose weight. Losing weight is more than just diet and exercise. Eat heart-healthy foods and don't forget the chocolate and be aware of overeating, as well as stress.
This month is important for everyone affected by cancer because the fight for cancer starts with awareness. Just as it is to be aware of the benefits of a healthy heart. Join WJB in the fight by making others aware this month and every month!

Congratulations to the winners of the I Love Westy 5k Sweepstakes! As of Wednesday evening 2/17/21 Westminster Chamber had to redraw the 3rd and final prize due to no one claiming their ticket for prize #1 for 3k. The new ticket drawn is #14005 to claim before 5:30pm today 2/18/21. If this is not claimed, Westminster will redraw one more time.
For more information about this sweepstakes, click here.

Can't wait to see you this weekend for some delicious healthy cold press juice or your custom created boba of your choice!
Have a wonderful week!




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