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BLENDER NEWS - February 25, 2021
"Brush your teeth. Now, boom, orange juice. That’s life.John Mulaney
                     National Children's Dental Health and Self-Check Month
Did you know it is National Children's Dental Health Month?
Children's Dental Health says "Early childhood tooth decay has become the most common chronic childhood disease, impacting more children than asthma. According to the ADA, more than 40% of children have tooth decay by the time they reach Kindergarten. Additionally, kids who suffer from poor oral health are three times more likely to miss school as a result of dental pain." A great tip is to schedule routine check-ups and practice routine oral cleaning during the day. Also fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean proteins are very healthy for yourself and your child's dental needs.
What about adult health?

To advocate self-check, start from prevention and early detection self-checks, as well as wellness care. You can help reduce the odds of getting ill in the first place. Most people are reactive when it comes to their health; they seek out information when they are already sick, or a friend/family has been diagnosed. Do the opposite, nudge your friends, family and even your own self to do self-check or book an appointment as soon as possible for the importance of being proactive.

Also, I know some of you may have committed to the Lent season and we would like to help you on your way to a healthier month and year. WJB has so many options to assist you to stay on track, whether that be due to your beliefs, preexisting health issues or as a preventative option. We are here to help, so please don't hesitate to ask for guidance, suggestions or even customizing your drink of choice.
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